Favorite Places to Shop

Everyone has to has their go-to places for gifts.  Here are a few of my favorites:
1) Etsy: this is the place where crafty, creative-types come to show off.  You can find almost ANYTHING here, from furniture, pottery, stationary, glass, jewelry, vintage and antique items and much, much more.  Most of it is hand-made and the other wonderful feature is that if there is something you like, but you would like it better if it were a little different, you can contact the seller directly and they very often can modify the item to suit your taste.  Have an idea but not the skills to make it yourself?  You can post your idea and members will bid on the chance to do the work for you!
2) Red Envelope: the best feature of this site is that it is devoted entirely to gift-giving and you can search by occasion or recipient for ideas. They also gift-wrap and your gift will arrive at its destination in beautiful red box.
3) Gone for a Run: this is a great site when you need a gift for the runner in your life, with lots of functional and customizable items.
4) King Arthur Flour: this is a terrific resource for gifts for bakers.  They have amazing mixes and every conceivable gadget anyone could ever need.
5) Shake the Tree: this is a cute little gift shop in Boston’s North End.
6) Brook Farm General Store: A modern interpretation of the old general store, shop this boutique home store in Brooklyn or online.
7) Mark and Graham: Personalized accessories, jewelry, modern decor and more.
8) The Grommet: A product launch platform that helps unique, undiscovered products to succeed.  Grommet companies must possess strong values, which can include preserving a handcraft, solving a problem in a fresh way, creating jobs in a struggling or developing region, building a social or green enterprise, manufacturing in the USA, or inventing new technologies.  Buy differently.
9) Kaufmann Mercantile: New York based online shop for carefully selected, long-lasting, and well-designed goods.
10) Daytrip Society: This great gift shop can be found in quaint Kennebunkport, Maine but if you can’t make the trip, you can check them out online.
11) The Lodge: American-made gifts for guys.
12) Design Public: perfect for those with a modern aesthetic.