CourtneyWelcome to Sincerely Gifted!  I’m Courtney New and this blog is devoted to helping you find the perfect gift.  I have only one rule of gifting: keep your eyes and ears open.  You never know when you are going to stumble upon something that just says “Dad” and when you see it, buy it.  You will save yourself all the last-minute stress and you can spread out your gifting costs.  I learned this  from my mother, who always gives thoughtful gifts that she has gathered all year-long and which often remind me of places we’ve been together or memories we’ve made that year.  (The only hard part is remembering where you hid everything!)

But you don’t have to come up with gift ideas all on your own.  If you are always listening to your friends and family, they will give you some great ideas for what they’d like to receive, making your job easy and a guaranteed success.  For example, when you’re out window shopping, pay attention to what people comment on or pick up (and then put back down).  If you hear “I love this”, you’re golden!

And of course, Sincerely Gifted is also here to help!  Sincerely Gifted is the culmination of years of gift-hunting.  I hope that these ideas will solve your gifting dilemmas or spark an idea of your own.